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When convential drinks are't enough

When Michael Sachs met brothers Jeff and Steven Frumin while attending Boston University, it was clear the trio shared a lot in common. They were the kind of guys that played hard and worked hard-in the classroom, at the gym, or at the row of clubs behind Fenway Park. They drank mostly sports and hydration drinks to help get through those hectic times. Sachs and the Frumin brothers formed a bond back then that survived well after graduation.

Ten years later, life career, and working out were even more challenging and conventional drinks weren’t measuring up. Most functional beverages simply hydrate the body and are loaded with preservatives, calories and sugar. They sought to create a great tasting drink that would go, beyond hydration. A drink that would combine the performance benefits of a sports drink with the health benefits of an enhanced water and the healing properties of traditional herbs.

To create this new cross-functional super drink, Michael, Jeff and Steven enlisted the help of the country’s top scientists. Over a period of four years and the

testing of hundreds of different formulas the team of scientists successfully created a revolutionary zero calorie drink using only the purest all natural ingredients to help the body to revive, replenish and recover.

The friends now had a powerful, great tasting drink that can help anyone maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. They decided to name their drink CodeBlue after the hospital code used to alert staff to act quickly to assist people who need to be revived. With the addition of Eric Schnell, another friend from Boston, they were ready to bring the natural, healthy benefits of Code Blue to the world.

CodeBlue replaces the vital nutrients and fluids your body loses everyday to help you get back to life. CodeBlue comes in four delicious flavors that can be enjoyed anytime to help speed the recovery process and restore your body back into balance.

As a company, we’re on a mission to educate the world about the superior benefits of CodeBlue, and are committed to bringing you CodeBlue in a socially and environmentally responsible way.