Sport beverage revitalized by new packaging

The beverage shelves of retail stores across the country are getting more and more crowded-especially when it comes to "performance" beverages.

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Consumer BellCode Blue Updates its Formula and Bottle to Match a Healthy Image

You might know Code Blue as your post-party cure. You wake up in the morning, squint angrily at the light seeping through the blinds and stumble around the fridge looking for the hangover fix-all.

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Bev NetCode Blue Revamps, Heads for Natural

It's out of the nightclubs and into the health clubs for erstwhile hangover remedy Code Blue, which is relaunching with new packaging, flavors, and a slightly tweaked brand message this week. The brand is aiming for natural and specialty stores

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Bev NetNew Momentum for Recovery Drinks

Not every product is looking to push hangover recovery as its chief function. Code Blue, which recently revamped its formulation and packaging, is now positioning itself as a recovery beverage, albeit one now emphasizing sports and fitness recovery.

While the company never using the word "hangover" in its branding or marketing, Steven Frumin, the co-founder of Code Blue said that the brand gained popularity among college students who consumed the beverage after a night of drinking alcohol - much as they would with other sports drinks such as Gatorade. Frumin said that a significant part of Code Blue's consumer base now uses the product for hangover recovery, estimating that 30 percent of its business is in that space.

However, part of the reason that Frumin overhauled Code Blue was because he didn't want the brand to be "pigeonholed" as a single function product. The company relaunched the product with a new look and branding that focuses on different aspects of the beverage, including hydration and exercise recovery. Frumin said that the product is now attempting to make the leap from a brand known for a single function - and a category still very much in its infancy - to a much larger arena. As Frumin described it, the play is to go "from micro to macro."

Frumin believes that hangover recovery will continue to be an important stream of revenue for Code Blue, but he described that area as stagnant. He explained that for the segment to move forward, brands would need to shy away from a "gimmicky" approach to marketing and adapt to a rapidly evolving industry where consumers seek out multifunctional benefits in new products.

"We see hangover recovery as a second tier of functionality," Frumin said.

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